When Darkness Turns to Light: The All American Rejects

Who knows where you will find good music? Some rely on friends with good taste, others comb through the internet or Spotify, while some even go through collections of CD’s from their parents or in a used bookstore. Any of these could lead to an amazing discovery of a band that will change your life. I’m happy to introduce you to, The All American Rejects. If you are into Blink 182, definitely check them out.

They are currently inviting fans to participate in a project called “Kids in the Streets” which is also the title of one of their albums. Fans are to submit a piece of art centered around their favorite moment in life. More information found here. 


“Dirty Little Secret” has a catchy beat despite the cruel message of the song of someone loving you, but only in secret. Is that even love?

Who has to know

When we live such fragile lives

It’s the best way we survive

I go around a time or two

Just to waste my time with you

Tell me all that you’ve thrown away

Find out games you don’t wanna play

You are the only one that needs to know

I’ll keep you my dirty little secret

(Dirty little secret)

Don’t tell anyone or you’ll be just another regret

(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)

My dirty little secret


“Move Along” is the best song on the album of the same title. It is a really motivational song and has an amazing beat. It encourages you to keep up even when the going gets tough-you will get through it.

So a day when you’ve lost yourself completely

Could be a night when your life ends

Such a heart that will lead you to deceiving

All the pain held in your

Hands are shaking cold

Your hands are mine to hold

Speak to me, when all you got to keep is strong

Move along, move along like I know you do

And even when your hope is gone

Move along, move along just to make it through

Move along


“It Ends Tonight” is an achingly sweet sounding song saying goodbye to the darkness and moving on. It is a hopeful song with a gentle reminder that things get better.

Now I’m on my own side

It’s better than being on your side

It’s my fault when you’re blind

It’s better that I see it through your eyes

All these thoughts locked inside

Now you’re the first to know

When darkness turns to light

It ends tonight,

It ends tonight.

Just a little insight won’t make this right

It’s too late to fight

It ends tonight,

It ends


“11:11 PM” reminds us of how it feels to wish at the moment where the clock reaches 11:11. It reminds us there are always things we wish we could change.

All the windows,

Swear to miss you,

And the doors are cell block tight,

Sweet sedation,

Sweep the issues,

And the clocks about to strike

Did it call you down,

Are you back just yet,

Waiting now please come set me free,

And the only sound is a minute left.

This could be, this could be the last time

It’s a chance to fix mistakes,

One more for the last time,

Does it blow our dreams away,

Don’t waste this chance with your smile

Ten seconds left on this dial,

This could be the last time.


Who have you lost? Who do you wish you could go back in time to save?

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