What Item of Clothing Are You?

Aquarius – Tie-Dye Bandanna: You are a total hippie. You love the Earth and could spend all your life preserving it. If you could have school outside, you would. Even in winter you enjoy frolicking in the snow.

Pisces – Infinity Scarf: You don’t like change. You prefer constants and knowing what is going to happen. You dislike making a lot of decisions, so you usually make one and stick with it.

Aries – Crop Top: It is inadvisable to get in any emotional situation. When you are overcome with emotion you tend to break down. You are also terrible under pressure.

Taurus – Hoodie: You have a bad habit of always being self-indulgent. You always give into your own wants, especially when you have a chance to be lazy.

Gemini – Basketball Shorts: You are constantly moving. You’d throw away proper fashion for gym-wear any day. You can never decide what you want to do, but you do know it’s going to be something physical.

Cancer – Skinny Jeans: You always cling to one person and can’t seem to let them go after your friendship ends. You’d pick a close knit friendship over a group of friends any day.

Leo – Tennis Shoes:¬†You are constantly telling your friends you are there for them. You really want to be as involved and helpful as you can, even if it’s a simple task.

Virgo – Glasses: You are always on the lookout. Even when you’re relaxing you are watching those around you. You can’t stand not knowing what’s going on, so you are always in the know.

Libra – Button-Down Shirt: You are the very definition of grace and diplomacy. You always look as though you are going to a business meeting.

Scorpio – Skort: You are able to take shorts and a skirt and make the best of both worlds. You are always looking for new ways to be resourceful.

Sagittarius – Baseball Cap: You are always doing your own thing. You would much rather spend the day alone than around people, especially children.

Capricorn – Cargo Shorts: You are always prepared for an adventure, which makes you the responsible one in your friend group. People are always asking you for things, luckily you always have them.

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