What Color Are You?

Aquarius-Light Blue: You’re wit astounds everyone you speak with. However, your parents could do without your constant sass. You’re probably the only person who could talk back to a teacher without getting into any trouble.

Pisces-Purple: You’re a trouble maker. If it weren’t for your lack of passion you’d probably be wreaking havoc on your hometown. People often scoff at your laziness, but you believe they should be grateful you aren’t planning pranks on them.

Aries-Red: Aries are often seen as angry, blood-thirsty brutes. That is often true, and the reason most people believe this is because you’re so short-tempered. Your calm aura can snap into anger in a matter of seconds.

Taurus-White: You’re loyal to the point of worry. Once you make a promise you keep it until the end. This can be either your downfall, or your biggest strength.

Gemini-Yellow: Energetic is the first word people associate with you. You’d most likely agree with them, because you are basically a puppy. You can’t keep yourself from moving even in the most inappropriate of situations.

Cancer-Black: You have an amazing ability to adapt to any situation. No matter who you are around you’ll slowly see yourself adopt some of their personality. You are like a chameleon, changing to fit into your surroundings.

Leo-Green: You are pretty good at team sports. Your encouraging nature motivates everyone around you to do their best and make you proud. However, you tend to get a little to proud and it soon turns into bragging about your friends.

Virgo-Orange: Analyzing is a major part of your life. If you aren’t watching and figuring out the people around you, then you are doing Sudoku, or any other kind of brain puzzle.

Libra-Grey: No matter what situation you are in you are able to think clearly, and work through it. Your only downfall is that you aren’t good at helping others, only yourself.

Scorpio-Indigo: When you’re passionate about a subject you stick to it until the very end. Even when you have other things you should be doing, you’ll ignore them just to spend a little more time on your passions.

Sagittarius-Beige: You are a brick wall. Nobody can ever read you. Most people believe you aren’t capable of emotions because you are so apathetic.

Capricorn-Navy Blue: Your largest strength is your patience. You could wait hours with a little kid screaming in your ear and you wouldn’t freak out.

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