UVU Concert: Loveloud

Here’s What You Missed if you Couldn’t Make it to UVU’s Loveloud Fest


On August 26th, Utah Valley University hosted a Music Festival with headliners Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees. The theme of the festival was to promote acceptance of LGBTQ youth. The organizers of the event were very passionate to promote this message including director Lance Lowry, who had lost his little brother Landon to suicide one month prior to the event. Landon was not identified as a part of the LGBTQ member community, but suffered from depression.


Another figure very passionate about the event, was the headliner and organizer of the event: Dan Reynolds, lead singer of the Imagine Dragons. “We know that LGBTQ youth are eight times more likely to commit suicide if they are not accepted in the home or the community,” said Reynolds. Reynolds himself has struggled with depression. “I’ve suffered with depression for many, many years,” Reynolds said in a Fox13 interview. “I’ve sought help, I have a therapist that I talk to and that, I’m not shy about that; that is where I find my power.” No doubt the passion of these organizers was very apparent, to the crowd members. Logan Kennedy, a sophomore that attends UCAS, was in attendance and decided to elaborate on his experience at the concert.


Valenzuela: First of all I just wanted to personally ask. How were the performances at the concert in your opinion?


Kennedy: The performances were absolutely amazing, and phenomenal. All of the stuff they did was even better than (how they sound) on the radio.


Valenzuela: Next, I wanted to ask how much of a focus did the bands make sure to recognize the LGBTQ community?


Kennedy: The lead singer of Neon Trees is gay, so he brought out all the stuff that he has gone through. During the whole concert, they sang a lot about how life is, and they’d highlight how life is (being a member of the LGBTQ community). After every song, they’d show a video, or they’d bring a singer or speaker that was in a way, part of the LGBTQ community. Also, each band would say something about the LGBTQ community before they’d perform. So I’d say there was a very large influence present.


Valenzuela: So that was the vibe you got from the band, but what kinda vibe did you get from the crowd?


Kennedy: They vibe of the crowd seemed to be very very good. Everyone seemed to be accepting, and very promoting for the LGBTQ community. They’d all cheer aloud for the community. It was a very good crowd.


Valenzuela: Alright, and my final question. What was personally your favorite performance of the night?


Kennedy: My personal favorite performance of the night was “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. It was better live, than how I’ve ever heard it on the radio!


All in all, the Loveloud Fest was a very successful event. In fact, many UCAS students have been spotted wearing Loveloud shirts. It pleased it’s sold out crowd, and more importantly shed some light on some real world issues.


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