TO eat or not to eat

To eat or not to eat? I was stopped by a group of people supporting PETA, People for the Ethnic Treatment of Animals, during my walk through UVU. Over 10% of millennials have already switched to vegan eating. Stores have already stocked up on multiple vegan alternatives. Even the biggest meat eaters wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. However, is there a benefit in going vegan?


Eating vegan also comes with lots of health benefits. It decreases the risk of certain health diseases: blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and many more. Eating vegan comes with many physical benefits: longer life span, healthier skin, and an increase in energy. Going vegan also helps the environment. About 2,400 gallons of water are required to raise one pound of meat. All that water could be saved to go towards agriculture and given to the people. This will be very helpful to third world countries struggling for resources.

With every good side, there is also a bad side. Being vegan takes away some vital nutrients that we need. This can also lead to weight gain instead of weight loss. Many restaurants don’t have vegan options making getting food and eating out a challenge. It will uncomfortable in the beginning stages\of going vegan. The protein needs will get the best of them. However; for the many who have gotten over the hunch are glad they made the switch

.There are several pros and cons of being vegan and some aren’t as bad as others. Enjoy your food and hold it close, because It will always be there to comfort you. There are millions of recipes to find no matter what you’re hungering for. There will always be room in our heart for food, especially Grandma’s cooking. UVU also has an animal allies club which has lots of tasty recipes to start eating vegan. Whether you enjoy eating the juiciest of steaks, or a bowl of vegan ramen, the choice is yours.

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