Tips to Survive a Mass Shooting

While the ‘war on guns’ continues in the U.S., the school shooting rate is through the roof. Although it is improbable that UCAS would ever undergo a shooting, it is never too late to be prepared. Here are some tips I have condensed for you found in this article.

The first thing is to understand where shootings have occurred, the population size, and body count of recent shootings. If you know these then you will begin to understand what shooters are looking for. For example, if  shooters are mainly going to grocery stores, and only shooting a couple people, then you can assume they are simply robbing them rather than going in for the purpose of killing. This can help you decide your actions, and what to do during any time there is a shooting.

When in an active shooting zone there are three things to remember: run, fight, and hide. It is a simple list of things to do when a shooter is present. The first is to find an exit, and run away. If there are no exits in the immediate area then the second best option is to hide out of the shooter’s view, and behind something a bullet can’t penetrate. As a last resort it is best to fight back rather than give up. If possible, try using a near-by object as a weapon, such as a pen, fire extinguisher, chair, or any heavy,` or sharp object, because an active shooter won’t expect to be taken out by a flying chair.

Mainly, your best chances of surviving is to either flee, blend in with your surroundings, or fight back. If you wish to try these tips out yourself there are free classes with Orem’s police program.

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