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The Stress of School: Is it only the Beginning?

Over the course of the past five, the number of children that claim to have experienced great levels of stress at the beginning of the school year has just about doubled. Yet, here at UCAS, everybody appeared to enter through the front doors of UCAS with high hopes and contagious optimistic attitudes, leaving several of us scratching our heads. Are the students of UCAS also experiencing the same levels of stress as the students of other schools around the country? If so, will the stress levels increase as the school days go by? Do college courses and early testing days have anything to do with the pressure placed upon our parting porcelain patience?

Savannah Addis (Junior) and Maddie Bean (Senior) have both attended UCAS for at least one year now and took a small portion of their time to answer a few questions about the stress that they have already experienced throughout the first few weeks of rigorous UCAS and college courses.

During our interview, Addis stated that the school year had started out pretty well for her, but as we went deeper into the discussion, and the topics of “college classes” and “test prep” were mentioned, she began to state her fears of the upcoming school year.

“At the beginning of the school year, I’ve experienced a slight increase in stress levels, and not all of my classes have even started up yet. The transition from no-school to a daily school schedule has also made things a bit tricky.”

So, has the sudden transition from a laid-back summer schedule to an intense, demanding school schedule been the cause of the unwanted stress that so many students across the country have been experiencing? Several studies performed by the Margaret & Wallace McCain Family Foundation suggest that a sudden transition in one’s daily schedule can be quite demanding upon the developing teenage brain. This also includes the transition from one school, leading many sophomores to be in a stressed mental state. Being a sophomore myself, I personally found it a bit hard to become accustomed to the schedules and expectations of UCAS, leading the stress levels of school to start a bit higher than I had originally expected.

Yet, the sudden transition may not be the only thing that is holding students down. During an interview with Bean, she emphasized her premature fear of the stress that she will most likely encounter once her college courses begin.

“College, college boys, my future, am I going to get a job…who knows! It all comes with the stress of being in a college-enrollment school.”

So, according to Maddie, large proportions of the stress that we encounter at the beginning may originate from premature fears of what might happen throughout the entirety of the school year. Since college courses contribute towards one’s resume, many students have an intense fear of getting bad grades, knowing that it will leave a bad mark on not only their high school, but also college grade report. Many new students at UCAS also have a fear of not being able to establish strong social circles and relationships during the first month or so at UCAS.

So, you may be asking yourself if there is any way to dilute some of the daily stress in your day-to-day school schedule.

The answer is: yes.

Both Maddie and Savannah talked about their passion and love towards a certain hobby or interest, whether it be listening to music, meditation, reading a book, or simply lying outside on the grass and enjoying the beauty within nature. Sure, school may take up a large portion of one’s schedule, but if one tries hard enough, they’re bound to find one or two short sessions in which they can take time to enjoy themselves, and to get away from the stress and chaos of school.

So remember, even when the test dates are stacking up within your daily planner, and the long-term projects begin to seem drawing closer and closer with every passing day, that you can always find the time to rejuvenate yourself, whether it be through means of hobbies or interests!

And with that, I wish you a good school year!

And don’t forget to preheat your breadsticks before serving!  ᕕ(✧ω✧)ᕗ

(DJ Dubz)

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