The Science of Executive Function

Many students here at UCAS, and any other high school, know that it’s hard to get organized. Well, on February 2, 2016, the National Public Radio released in article about executive function, which is basically how are brain works to organize the things we learn, how we reason, and plan. In this article they explained that high school students have been getting help from tutors who specialize in executive function. The tutors would teach the students how to organize, and ways to remember the different concepts they are learning in school.

However, some students have reported that the way the tutor teaches doesn’t suit their style, and that they still couldn’t remember anything they learned, even after an excessive amount of time with his tutor. Robin Jacob, an education researcher at the University of Michigan , even stated that while there was a connection between executive function and, academic achievement, there is no correlation between the two in terms of achievement. She states that studying math, and English, for example, is more likely to develop executive function.

Why does this article matter to the students of UCAS? This article matters to UCAS students because executive function is something students can use, and implement in their lives today. Executive function is all about problem solving, and memory. This will eventually help you with; time management, multitasking, and learning how, and where to find information quicker, and easier than before.


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