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bernie_2I’m sure we all know about what happened at the Iowa Caucasus elections, thanks to Mr.Barksdale’s class. In case you live under a rock, or just so happen to not have Mr.Barksdale, here is a quick summary of what happened. On Monday, February 1st, there was a statewide voting that occurred, for both the Democratic and Republican parties. They were voting to see who would win the nomination for each party. From the Democrats, there were only 2 runners, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton won by an actual razor thin margin of just 4 extra votes. On the republican side, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and a few others were running. Ted Cruz won by a landslide, with over 5,000 votes ahead of the runner up. Donald Trump had an embarrassing defeat coming 2nd to his primary competitor, Ted Cruz.

So what does this mean for the future? Well, since Ted Cruz won the republican elections, it propels him even further into the spotlight. Trump, on the other had, obviously took a devastating blow. Since the beginning of the race, Trump was thought of as an unstoppable force. Since Cruz has shown that Trump can be defeated, and that he is not as powerful as he seems, all the other candidates will go on the offensive, and start to pound down on Trump. Marco Rubio is also playing his cards right, and using his surprise, or at least what he says is a surprise, 3rd place victory to propel him into the limelight. He could easily become another heavy weight competing for Office. As for the Democratic side, it is difficult to say who will win. While Clinton, atleast according to the polls, has larger favoritism in South Carolina,  and Nevada, Bernie has a huge lead in New Hampshire. If Bernie were to somehow win any of ther other caucus states, it could put Bernie into the nomination.

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