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The Eclipse

For a few moments, the sky seems to fade several shades darker, and the sun disappears from view. For a few moments, a full solar eclipse will occur for hundred and millions of people across the United States. The astral display is a rare event. The next one that will happen in the United States will be in 2024. So what will UCAS do to celebrate?

For the third period instead of going to class at UCAS, students got to go out in the field in front of the library at UVU and watch the eclipse with the glasses they provided.Many of the students had a hard time choosing their favorite part of the day. Lydia Atkin a sophomore during lunch stated, “My favorite part was that it was a big school activity we all took a break and got to watch it.” Courtney Harada, a sophomore attending UCAS as of this year, said that “just watching it,” was her favorite part of all the activities.

There was a lot of fun with friends for the hour that the students got to watch the eclipse. Yet, some students didn’t relish the event as much as others. Hannah Cutler was one of these. She pointed out that, “It was kinda of lame for all the hype.” Many agreed with her. Including Courtney Harada who noted, “yes it was pretty cool, but it would be a lot cooler to see the full eclipse.”

Some students actually took the day off from school and went up to Idaho to see the full eclipse. The eclipse in Utah was around 91%. In Idaho, there was a complete totality. For those who went to see the full eclipse such as Spencer Brown, a junior, stated that it was totally worth it. “There was a 360 degree sun set all around you. You got to see the stars up there,” were some of his stated highlights. Spencer also mentioned how his dog fell asleep because he thought it was night time. Many of the students of UCAS didn’t get to have the opportunity the Spencer Brown had, yet there was still a lot of fun at UCAS.

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