The Daily Jam: Someone New by Hozier

Andrew Hozier-Byrne, commonly known as Hozier, first debuted in 2013 with his EP Take Me to Church. He shot to stardom with the tital track “Take Me to Church” when it went viral on YouTube. Later in 2014, he released his first album Hozier. He first gained popularity in his native country of Ireland but thanks to social media he was able to be heard globally. “Someone New” is from his first album Hozier. It’s so easy to sing a long to and kind of reminds me of daisies and sunshine.

Reasons to listen to this song:

  1. It has a fun sound to it.
  2. You smile every time you hear it.
  3. Its one of Hozier’s lesser known songs.
  4. You remember the lyrics after listening to it once.
  5. It has a different sound when compared to Hozier’s other songs.


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