The Daily Jam: REALiTi by Grimes

Lately, I’ve been trying to expand my music taste to other genres. During the search for new music I happened upon this wonderful tune. “Realiti” by Grimes is a strangely addicting song I can’t stop playing. It has an atmospheric sound, and cruelly truthful, but bright lyrics that make you want to dance around your room. And I don’t mean cool dancing, I mean like weird space robot type dancing. The artist, Grimes, appears to have a lot of fans, especially those of the hipster-sort. Grimes produces all of her music. She is constantly experimenting with new styles and she has definitely become an artist I will look out for. Now if you are into some intergalactic awesomeness, or even if you aren’t, give this song a quick listen. I can assure you it won’t be the last.

Reasons to Listen:

  1. Any excuse to dance like an idiot is an excuse to be used.
  2. The sound is extremely refreshing.
  3. Its not something you will hear in the Top 10.
  4. Sometimes, you just have to listen to some weird ish.
  5. Release your inner space robot.

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