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Sundance Film Festival

Park City, Utah-

With the Sundance Film Festival beginning today, film geeks and hipster envisionaries are bundling up in their peacoats and film paraphernalia in high hopes to buy tickets to the country-renounced event.

Hosted at the Sundance Resorts, Park City, the Sundance Film Festival is one of the most popular film festivals to this day. Famous film directors and young, intuitive film producers across America are rising up to the occasion, directing and composing innovative and sublime reels of film JUST for Utah’s popular event.

In preparation for the festival, the Sundance Film Festival staff have invited famous actors and producers from across the globe, with guest appearances of Kate Micucci (actress + voice actor), Al Gore (Former Vice President), and Jon Hamm (actor) to spice things up, with many of the guest stars starring in several of the feature Sundance films themselves.

Kaylee Walker, an “unintended hipster” senior at UCAS, attended the Sundance Film Festival. Greatly engrossed in the innovative, broadening field of filmmaking, Kaylee thoroughly enjoyed her attendance at the Sundance Film Festival, emphasizing the importance that the festival has upon the lives of independent, inventive filmmakers that are hoping to make an impact upon not only the film industry, but the changing mentality of millennials as a whole.

“The Sundance Film Festival has provided a way for undiscovered, amazing filmmakers to showcase their talents in a film industry that is so uphill for new artists, providing a simplistic, yet platform for newcomers to present their refined works.”

The films that are exhibited at the Sundance Film Festival are not like most modern-day produced films. With each film unique in its own individual way, the only common factor among the films being the fact that they were produced by independent film groups. Kaylee did mention the heavy emphasis that the film festival had upon the theme of diversity this particular year.

“The festival has provided a way for those with different cultural and racial backgrounds to display their films to a large crowd, slowly tearing away at the integrated ‘white male’ status quo that America has had in its culture for most of its history. It’s almost like a seed of rebellion against the resistance that politics and American culture have had against the emphasis of diversity, with the 2017 Sundance Film Festival supporting the modern concept of widening our range of thought when it comes to diversity.”

With that being said, the films that are screening at the festival are pretty awesome in themselves, with “Tokyo Idols”, “The Discovery”, and “Berlin Syndrome” a few of the premiered films at the festival.

Sooo yeah…go watch some movies!


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