Running for beginners

Joan Rivers oncerunners said: “The first time I see a jogger smiling, I’ll consider trying it.” We all know a runner or two that may describe running as “fun” or even “addictive” As students of UCAS, running isn’t really something many of us enjoy. That being the case, I am going to try to convince you that running is worth all of the sweat.

While not everyone is as skilled at running, we all have to start somewhere. At the beginning, most runners will admit that they felt like they were running themselves into The Pit of Tartarus. It is important to remember that as you get to know what style you like to run, what time you enjoy running, and the distance you like to run you’ll start to enjoy running more and more.

Before you even start running, do your research on different shoe types to get an idea of what you should get. If you don’t get the right shoe for how you run you are more likely to get an injury. Knowing the answer to the following questions will help you get the right shoe for your runs.

-How much running experience, if any, do you have?

-How many miles a week do you run?

-What type of surface do you run on?

-Do you have any short-term goals for your running program? For example, are you training for an upcoming race? Or do you simply want to get around the block three or four times a week.

Once you get your shoes, it is time to start running. It is important to remember that as a beginner you need to start at a short distance. If you start running too far,  you will hurt yourself. If you want to get something done right, take your time. If you don’t take your time you will most definitely feel like you ran yourself into The Pit of Tartarus. Put a smile on your face and get running!

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    Anonymous T-Rex
    November 6, 2015 at 3:36 am

    I did this before, and I’ll do it again:

    Great article BTW, I am really liking these health based ones 😀

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