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Review: Person of Interest


Are you tired of TV? Are you wanting to feel engaged in a story again? If so, I have the show for you. Person of Interest is a Sci-Fi crime fighting action TV series. It first aired in 2011, and ended in 2016 with 5 seasons and 103 episodes. It has 19 nominations, 8 awards, and scored an overall score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. The plot follows John Reese and Harold Finch in their endeavor to prevent deaths before they happen, and with the help of Finch’s Machine. The Machine is an AI(Artificial Intelligence) that is able to predict the future with insane accuracy. The series also follows Joss Charter and Lionel Fusco, who work in the police department and both hurt and help Finch and Reese along the way.

Person of Interest is near and dear to my heart. It came to me at a time when TV had become repetitive to me. This show brought a fresh, new perspective on the crime fighting shows that we watch everyday. It nearly never felt repetitive, and when it was, the writers switched up the style of the show. This is shown during Season 3, and again in Season 5. I would go into detail as to how, but due to spoilers I sadly cannot. In basic crime shows you usually follow a group of people solving a crime, or something like that, but after the episode is over you feel like everything’s back to normal. This contributes to the reason why I stopped watching The Arrow and The Flash, because they do the same thing over and over again, and that can get boring. Person of Interest doesn’t fall for that issue. Again I would explain why, but then I’d be spoiling the show, so just go and watch it to you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The show also brings a sense of maturity into the story through the characters, which is something I don’t think is brought up enough in TV shows. All of the main characters are experienced and mature. They’re not idealistic, they know what they’re doing, and they’re not immature.  qualities contribute to the reasons why Person of Interest is such a good show. Often producers don’t fully understand is how to end a show, if they even try. TV shows will alway run out of steam and it’s just a matter of ending the show before, or after the steam has ran out. You can see this in pretty much any long running series, with some exceptions. Person of Interest doesn’t fall into the problem of going past it’s runtime. This is because it has an ending, unlike most other shows which would probably just make a sixth season. Personally after I finished Season 5, I wanted a Season 6, pretty much every fan did, but they didn’t give it to us, and that made the entire rest of the series so much better. There’s a saying that if you have a sea of diamonds, then they’re worthless.

Overall, Person of Interest has changed my outlook on TV shows in general. From the great story, to the awesome concept, it has brought me a lot of inspiration and happiness from its great writing and story arcs. I recommend this show to anyone who enjoys Sci-Fi, Crime, Action, or Drama shows, because this one is a masterpiece.

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