Plucking strings to fame

The much awaited Lindsey Stirling concert at the UCCU is finally here. Her stylish clothes and fearless violin cords have given me the courage to become a devoted fan. At just 30 years, she has captured the hearts of millions of people. During the past 4 years, she has climbed her way up the Billboard Top 200 with her song Hallelujah.

She has received countless awards, including the Platinum certification for The Billboard Music Award on “Top Dance/Electronic Album,”  in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Gold in Poland and Silver in France. Her electronic style has grabbed the attention of many soon-to-be-fans. Now she stands before us on her worldwide “Brave Enough” tour. On Tuesday October 4th; Lindsey performed her exciting pieces at UVU. Her talent has left people speechless.

Her childhood wasn’t a very financially stable one. She could only take half violin lessons because of low finances her family had. The instructor told her  “a child isn’t going to learn how to play in 15 minutes a week.” From a poor childhood to now, she has climbed her way to a better future. She started learning how to play at the ripe age of 5 years. Her career sky rocketed during her competition at America’s Got Talent. She got all the way to the quarter finals. Sadly she didn’t win, but that didn’t stop her. Her personally is described as kind, humble, and generous. She has pushed her way into my heart and I’m excited to see her in concert. The music videos she has portray her songs perfectly. They’re visually pleasing to watch and listen to. I would definitely recommend her Star Wars Medley in honor of his years amazing theme.

Her concert went better than I thought. Imagine the biggest party of the year and a humongous light show mashed together. The merchandise line stretched for what felt like an eternity. The seats were about all filled up. Shawn Hooks, a gentleman from Canada opened the show with his smooth and unique sounds. His music style ranges from rock to electronic music. One of my favorite songs is Sound Of Your Heart. During his performance, he included a comment about Utah “You guys are the Loudest Crowd for the opening I have ever seen.” The songs he played had a smooth melody and catchy lyrics.

The excitement was through the roof when Lindsey walked on. My ears went deaf from how loud everyone was screaming, I was screaming for her too. She danced her way through the night with her electric sounding music. The vibrations sent shivers through me. Mid way during the show, she has a very special guest, Luna Latte. Luna Latte is her adorable white dog wearing matching costumes and being flat out adorable, as they say, like mother like daughter. My favorite song from the whole concert had to be Roundtable Rivals. She and her band member, Kit had a little string off. The polished violin versus the rock sound of Kit’s electric guitar. The faceoff was buzzing with energy. My money was well spent for this concert. She is definitely worth taking a listen to. Enjoy those sweet sounds of string, because I know I am.

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