Paying for high school classes

As the new term rolls around, we must pay our annual dues to the hierarchy that is UVU. Thanks to the wonderful symbiotic relationship UCAS has with them, we don’t have to carry the main weight– tuition itself. All we need to do is pay the (relatively) small fee for each one of our credit hours. But how do you know how much to pay?


It’s a simple question, with a pretty simple answer. Go to google (or Bing if you’re a masochist), and search for “My UVU”. Login, and you should see on the left side a “students” tab. Scroll down to “Paying for my education” and click on that. In the middle of the page you should see a link labeled “account summary by term”. Click on it, and look for the term “2017 Spring”. Now here, don’t panic if you see a lot of numbers, particularly ones with many 0’s after them. Just look for the item that is labeled “concurrent enrollment tuition”, and that is the amount you need to pay.  


Now that you know how much you need to pay, how does one go about paying it? Simple! You just go back to the My UVU page, and go down to “Paying for my education” again. Then simply select “Make a Payment” and then you simply enter in the amount you need to pay for this semester, and simply pay it. If you want to avoid the $3.00 fee for paying via credit card, you can always go directly to BA-109, located on the UVU campus, and pay via check or cash there! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the front office!

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