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New Jersey and Manhattan Bombings

On September 17th, during a Marine charity run, a pipe bomb exploded inside of a trash can on the sidelines. This was not the only bomb that went off that day as a few blocks down the street, another bomb went off injuring twenty-nine people, sending the majority of them to the hospital. A third bomb was later found and safely defused. The New Jersey State Police or NJSP sent out a tweet with the suspects picture saying, “***WANTED FOR QUESTIONING**** RETWEET!” The next day, a package was found at a train station with multiple bombs inside. The bombs were safely removed without any injuries to any civilians or the police officers removed. The two incidents were later linked to the same bomber.


The suspect, Ahmad Khan Rahami, is a 28-year old male who was originally born in Afghanistan. He was a past student of Middlesex County College where he was unable to receive a degree in criminal justice. Two days after the first three bombs were found, the suspect was apprehended by the authorities after a firefight where we know that one officer took a bullet to his kevlar vest and another was wounded.  The suspect himself was shot and hauled off inside of an ambulance to the nearest hospital for medical aid. He has been charged with multiple crimes such as unlawful possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, attempted murder, and attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. His bail has been set at approximately 5 million dollars.


Attacks like this inside of the United States, as well as Europe, are not becoming rare and few. We have all heard about the massacres, the bombings, and the other atrocities that are taking place across our planet. Because of these attacks, we as a people are becoming afraid which is leading us to making problems worse as we create unjust and unfounded biases against races, social groups, or even our fellow citizens of the United States.

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