Creative Writing


Everyone knows that feeling

It’s warm gooey insides filling your mouth

Roasting it over a campfire or in a cup of cocoa

Those camping trips in the woods with your family

Cold breezy nights surrounded by millions of stars

The crackle of a fire nearby

The ambers bouncing to and from

A baked marshmallow smothered between chocolate and graham cracker to make the night complete

Or maybe in the dead of winter

The snow falls silently outside

Nestled in blankets and a warm cup of hot cocoa

You can still see a few marshmallows floating on top

In a few moments, these tasty treats will melt and be lost within the pool of chocolate

The sweet sigh you make as you take a few sips feeling it go down

You will shiver from the unexpected heat of the beverage

It’s a nice feeling

Do you know what makes this even better?

A sweet little marshmallow ties it all together

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    September 20, 2017 at 2:19 am

    Yumm… Marshmallows 😊

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