Lullabies For The Drowning

The Battle of Land and Sea is a one woman band of Sarah Golden. She has released one album in the genre ‘indie folk’. According to her Facebook page, she is currently working on a new record. Her music is not well known, so it is almost impossible to find lyrics online. Therefore, they are not all accurate.  Her music sounds like the sort of lullaby you would listen to as you were sailing.


“Saltwater Queen” is the song that gets trapped in your mind as you wade farther out into the ocean. It almost sounds urgent, something that not many of her songs have. Most of her music sounds like it got trapped in honey and it slowly oozes from your headphones.

oh heavy

with a look of satin put round her face

with the devil peering close by

on the street

with a little boy charm and

anchors of wide heavy iron

at her feet

she whispers and cries

in harmonies

for her saltwater king

oh heavy

are you my boy with demons in your sleeve

they’re trouble placing razors and pins

underneath your feet

you my little boy charm with

anchors of wide

shipwrecked bloody open sea

you whisper and cry

in harmonies

for your saltwater queen…


“Birdsong” is a lilting waltz from far away. It tells a sad story of needing to be brave as someone tries to ruin what you love, or maybe its a tale of being brave enough to love.


I was brave

La de la

I was brave

La de la

You said you would

Find us no matter how far

You’d throttle her throat

Kill all that I loved

We were brave

We’ve come so far

You’re sick and you’re sorry

Scared me to the bone

I shook and I trembled

Eleven years old


“The Beautiful Ones” is slow and plodding, and sounds like a goodbye song, like a lullaby for a road trip.


northwestern sea


we will leave

we will leave here

first day of spring

we are the beautiful ones (we are the beautiful ones)

turn your backs to the cold winds (turn your backs to the cold winds)

they’ll never hear from us again (they’ll never hear from us again)

these crows


“Harden My Heart” is about saying goodbye to someone you love because it is what is best for you. It is very soft, and echoey, and sounds apologetic.


Standing on the corner

Waiting in the rain

I swear I’ll never wait again

You give me your word

But words for you are lies

Drowning in my water streams

I never thought I would go

But it’s time to let you know

I’m gonna harden my heart

I’m gonna swallow my tears

I’m gonna turn and leave you here


“Six Days” is a sweet upbeat love song about how any time apart is far too much. It is very nostalgic and sounds like the type of song that would have a music video full of camera flares and people looking out of a window.


Sometimes I wake up baby

And you’re not around

And my heart starts sinking

That won’t go away

’til I remember that you

Are coming back to me oh so shortly

To make room for all of the children

And our wedding rings

It’s only been six days

Since I put you on that plane

Sent you to the sky

Like my childhood


“I Built The Sea” is a hopeful song. Don’t blame yourself for something that you didn’t do. It is their fault for not building a good boat. There is always going to be a brighter day.

if this ship goes down in a fiery flame

i’ll hold my breath till a brighter day

lie from that ship

that’s my way

I built the sea

not the boat you’re in


“You Are a Sailor” is a sweet song about wanting to do do anything to make the one you love happy. It follows the theme of many of Golden’s music about the ocean and leaving home.


I’ve traveled far, I’ve traveled fast

just to get to this day

and you, you’ve been so sad

for all these years

please don’t be sad with me

well you drive the corner with me in the passenger seat

just drive until the gas runs out with the sand underneath our feet

forget about our families

and everything the music brings

just dance beneath the moon and stars

only wine passes our teeth

you are my sailor, you are my sailor

and i am the sea, i am the sea

If you are the type to be struck suddenly by wanderlust, or if you crave dipping your feet into foamy waves, this is the music for you. This music is like being rocked to sleep by the ocean waves and will make you dream of walking through a kelp forest.

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