Invisibility: The Unseen Fashion

From Fantasy to Sci-Fi, invisibility has been one of the most fascinating ideas. It grabs the minds of humanity like Immortality, or Time Travel. Invisibility has inspired many who have explored the concept, and pretty much every fantasy story has invisibility. But is invisibility a reality? I mean, with all the advances in science and technology, wouldn’t we have found out how to effectively become invisible? Let’s find out…

The type of invisibility we typically think of is the ability to vanishing from sight, but could it be possible? Well yes, but not really. We haven’t achieved anything like the invisibility cloak in Harry Potter, but we have something similar. In 2013, the University of Texas at Austin developed an ultrathin cloak that made objects appear invisible in a given light range. Unlike other studies that have tried to divert, or bend, the waves around an object, this new method, dubbed “mantle cloaking”, cancels out the waves as they are scattered off the cloaked object. This is ground breaking, but it’s still nothing like Harry Potter’s cloak.

The University of Rochester has come out with multiple invisibility projects which have successfully figured out ways to shield things from our visibility. Though nothing like an invisibility cloak, they have made breakthroughs in invisibility technology, and continue to do so.

So when can I expect my invisibility cloak delivered via drone? To tell the truth, we don’t know. With technology making great leaps in some places and small steps in others, invisibility is one of those slower projects. Sad to say that we’ve not achieved invisibility yet, and we don’t know when we will, but we have made great strides towards achieving invisibility. Don’t worry though, eventually some day I hope we’ll be able to see the unseen fashion.

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