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High school relationships

For many people highschool is the place where they first learn how to be in relationship. They atleast gain experience on the basic parts of being in a relationship. Some people suck at relationships at first and some have a bit of talent in relationships. Well, to save some people stress here are some big basic dos and don’ts when it comes to relationships in high school.

Do give each other space. Familiarity breeds contempt. You might of heard this and think how does someone mess this up? Well, when you are in the moment you can tend to forget that the other person has other relationships too. Aside from that, you need to give each other space to keep the relationship fresh, if you are together the whole time the relationship can get stale and lead to a break up. Also, you know you like them but, you can get annoyed fast because with the amount of time you spend with the other person their shortcomings start to really standout. Because of that, after awhile, you may not like them that much any more.

Do practice PDA rules. Number one reason nobody likes to see whatever you and your significant other do with each other so keep it private. Teachers especially hate it. Besides, practicing PDA rules could keep the relationship clean as well as dispelling drama that is created by other peers seeing you.

Don’t rush the relationship. Make the relationship last long, that makes it more enjoyable. Some surveys show that high school relationships don’t last that long so be the outlier.

Don’t say the infamous word that starts with the letter ‘L’ (love). This word is the best way to deter the person you are with. All of us who are high schoolers are still young and have a huge chunk of our lives ahead of us, don’t say that word until you are out of being a teen, don’t say it until you are old and your hormones are in check, and don’t say until you and your significant other are together for a long time.

Finally, do learn from other people’s mistakes. These basic rules are a good starter but there are many other things left to learn. Learn these things from other people to really save yourself time and your dignity. With that said good luck in all of your future endeavours and follow these dos and don’ts it will save you time!

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