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Social media is swarming with like, follows, and hearts, but not everything is pitch perfect. Facebook recently added a live stream feature, allowing people to video whatever they’re doing in real life time. However; not everything needs to be broadcasted to the internet world.


Everyone always wants to start the new year off with a bang. The first week of January really did start with a shock. Two men and two women of African American nationality were arrested for kidnapping an innocent 18 year old caucation male from Chicago suffering from schizophrenia. To make matters worse, they went live on facebook and tortured this young man with hundreds and thousands of people watching. Surprisingly, the video went viral all over the internet. This crime is utterly unthinkable. The 4 people are now being held for charges of hate crime. The four were held without bail as of Friday the 6th.


The man was reported to be spending New Year’s Eve with one of the suspects. The crime started in the back of a van before moving to a three story apartment. He was beaten over the course of several days before authorities stepped in because of a noise complaint on Thursday the 5th. They also demanded a 300 ransom from the victim’s parents.


The police labeled these 4 people as kids and said “kids make stupid mistakes. We can’t be sure this was a hate crime,” These couple of words has sparked an outrage all and justice over social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and etc. People were also wondering why it’s been taking authorities so long to take action. We hope that nothing worse happens in the new year of 2017.


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