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What Color Are You?

Aquarius-Light Blue: You’re wit astounds everyone you speak with. However, your parents could do without your constant sass. You’re probably the only person who could talk back to a teacher without getting into any trouble.

Pisces-Purple: You’re a trouble maker. If it weren’t for your lack of passion you’d probably be wreaking havoc on your hometown. People often scoff at your laziness, but you believe they should be grateful you aren’t planning pranks on them.

Aries-Red: Aries are often seen as angry, blood-thirsty brutes. That is often true, and the reason most people believe this is because you’re so short-tempered. Your calm aura can snap into anger in a matter of seconds. read more


The Daily Jam: Silly Little Things by Shannon Saunders

I’ve been listening to Shannon Saunders for what feels like years now. Her voice has an original tone you never get sick of hearing. All her songs are refreshing and somewhat cleansing, if that makes sense. This song especially, has a great sound and a joyful melody that will make you kill the replay button. I play this song on days when I am especially happy. Shannons Saunders as an artist has great vibes and “Silly Little Things” gives of the same feel.

Reasons to Listen:

  • The voice is great.
  • The feel is great.
  • The melody is great.
  • The composition is great.
  • The song is great.
  • read more


    The Daily Jam: Promise by Ben Howard

    For those who are in love with rain, you will find solace in this song. This a truly calming piece made by Ben Howard. Ben Howard is an artistic Londoner who is truly self made. “Promise” is off of his album Every Kingdom, his most successful album so far. I love this song’s peaceful opening which sets the tone for Ben Howard’s tranquil voice. Howard’s singing voice has a way of giving each word worth, and value, that quality makes me think of him as not only a musician, but a poet. read more


    Tech Spec; Self Driving Cars Make Debut in London

    The "railed" version that the new Ultra Pods are based on

    The “railed” version that the new Ultra Pods are based on

    We all know we want one. A self driving car that would be legal on the roads. While we have all heard about Google and Apple’s endeavors in self driving cars, we have never expected one to debut in the streets so soon. This summer “Ultra Pods” will take to the roads of London as a new public transportation system. This system will not require any human intervention to work. It will be fully automated, and the cars will be able to transport people around the city in, quite possibly, the safest manner. read more


    Style Types


    “Fashion is about something that comes from within you.” – Ralph Lauren

         Fashion is endless. There are so many different designers and trends, that it is often hard to decide on one style. But finding a style that matches your lifestyle and personality can help narrow down your options, to finding the perfect look for you. At UCAS, these are probably the five most popular style types:

    • Chic
    • Western
    • Girl Next Door/Casual
    • Preppy
    • Tomboy

    “One of the popular types of fashion styles is the chic style. “Chic” is often synonymous with “trendy” or “fashionable”. People who favor this style prefer classic and stylish designs that are striking and smart. For example, the garments are always well tailored and the accessories are well chosen. Chic style means having clothes that have strong colors but not garish.” [1] read more


    Merchant of Venice


    Shakespeare has made many plays that entertain a wide range of audiences, from commoners in the street, to UCAS students, to the Queen of England. UCAS students have been given the opportunity to read two Shakespeare plays in this years English 10 class. This semester we are focusing on the Merchant of Venice. A play which covers the topics of justice, and mercy, by integrating them into a tale of deceit, love, and betrayal.

    In place of a test, the UCAS sophomores have been doing projects to demonstrate their knowledge of this play. They were given the options of a movie, storybook, diorama, sportscaster, a song, or just about anything that would prove you studied the book and understood it. Along with the project you also had to do a report about the project you did, and question about how the scenes you presented were important to the rest of the play. read more


    Music More Colorful than her Hair

    Ashley Nicolette Frangipan, aka Halsey, well known for her colorful unique hair and electropop music, has blown up in popularity. Her stage name came from an anagram of her first name and a street she spent a lot of time on when she was young. Her musical start came from posting covers of songs on Youtube. She even did a parody of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”. Her first album came out in 2014, and is called Room 93. She released two remix albums in 2015, for which she is currently on a North American tour. read more


    Learning Struggles

    Dear Kylie,
    I’m having trouble learning from a teacher, because our personalities clash, and I don’t understand what they are trying to teach. How do I overcome this?


    Dear Anonymous,

    This is a common road block most people meet at some point in their life. Especially when they enter into high school, students believe that teachers have to play to their student’s strengths. Now students have to play to the teacher’s strength. The teachers have taught for a long time now, and they know what works best for them, and what gets the highest score on tests. They at least need you to know what you need to know for the test. Anything else is up to you. read more