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Sundance Film Festival

Park City, Utah-

With the Sundance Film Festival beginning today, film geeks and hipster envisionaries are bundling up in their peacoats and film paraphernalia in high hopes to buy tickets to the country-renounced event.

Hosted at the Sundance Resorts, Park City, the Sundance Film Festival is one of the most popular film festivals to this day. Famous film directors and young, intuitive film producers across America are rising up to the occasion, directing and composing innovative and sublime reels of film JUST for Utah’s popular event. read more


TO eat or not to eat

To eat or not to eat? I was stopped by a group of people supporting PETA, People for the Ethnic Treatment of Animals, during my walk through UVU. Over 10% of millennials have already switched to vegan eating. Stores have already stocked up on multiple vegan alternatives. Even the biggest meat eaters wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. However, is there a benefit in going vegan?

Eating vegan also comes with lots of health benefits. It decreases the risk of certain health diseases: blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and many more. Eating vegan comes with many physical benefits: longer life span, healthier skin, and an increase in energy. Going vegan also helps the environment. About 2,400 gallons of water are required to raise one pound of meat. All that water could be saved to go towards agriculture and given to the people. This will be very helpful to third world countries struggling for resources. read more


A vow of silence

A vow of silence. Sounds pretty serious, right? These kinds of vows are usually used in religion as a way to clear their mind, and develop a closer connection to their higher power. Lately, though, many people have been doing them to help clear their minds. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Finally, I decided to try it.

I would go a whole 24 hours without saying anything. I could write out what I wanted when needs be. But overall I tried to talk as little as possible. I told my parents, and friends before hand or the day of, so they would understand why I wasn’t talking to them. read more


iBoss is not a catalyst for education; it’s a wall

Being a senior at UCAS, I have experienced both times with and without iBoss enabled on our school network. In my sophomore year, internet throughout UCAS was filtered indiscriminately, and students were often complaining about how they couldn’t access youtube or other sites they frequently visited. Then, throughout my junior year, the firewall seemed to have dissipated entirely. Now, I have witnessed the disturbing resurgence of iBoss’s reign over the UCAS school network.

I can understand the purpose of an internet filter at schools. The filter is a fantastic safety net to protect students from shadier parts of the web and can sometimes steer them away from legal trouble. The firewall also is a wonderful tool to help students stay focused on school work by blocking games and other such content. These two purposes I agree with entirely, as I have witnessed the beneficial effects of both. On my PC at home, I’ve installed software to achieve a similar purpose, and I can set hours for the software to block certain websites so that I can finish school work. read more


Verizon’s Flying cellphone towers

Following tech giants such as Facebook, and Google, Verizon is taking to the skies in an attempt to create unmanned “flying cell phone towers” to patch up areas in the sky where cell reception is lacking. While its long term dream is to create a steady 4G LTE network across every part of the country, its immediate goal is to increase the range for first responders and emergency crews to pick up signals of people lost in the middle of nowhere. Verizon has named their experimental aircraft beacon ALO (Airborne LTE Operations), and they have been working on the project for around 2 years now. read more


5 Major senators up for reelection in 2018

The 2016 elections have ended, Donald Trump is our President-Elect, and the Republican Party has kept its grip on both the house and senate. As major as this election was, the off-year elections matter too. One-third of the senate is up for reelection, and the 2018 senate campaigns are right around the corner. Here are five major senators who are up for reelection in 2018.

First on the list is Virginia’s Democratic senator Tim Kaine: he is best known for being on Sec. Hillary Clinton’s side as her vice presidential running mate in this year’s election. Kaine made history by giving the first speech entirely composed of Spanish on the senate floor. He was expressing his support for the bipartisan “Gang of eight” immigration bill.   read more


Plucking strings to fame

The much awaited Lindsey Stirling concert at the UCCU is finally here. Her stylish clothes and fearless violin cords have given me the courage to become a devoted fan. At just 30 years, she has captured the hearts of millions of people. During the past 4 years, she has climbed her way up the Billboard Top 200 with her song Hallelujah.

She has received countless awards, including the Platinum certification for The Billboard Music Award on “Top Dance/Electronic Album,”  in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Gold in Poland and Silver in France. Her electronic style has grabbed the attention of many soon-to-be-fans. Now she stands before us on her worldwide “Brave Enough” tour. On Tuesday October 4th; Lindsey performed her exciting pieces at UVU. Her talent has left people speechless. read more

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Third Party Candidates and the U.S. Presidential Debates

On September 26, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump participated in the first presidential debate of this year’s election season. It was held at Hofstra University in New York, and was broadcasted across on all major television networks.

Two other candidates did not participate in the debates, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the nominees of the Libertarian and Green parties, respectively. The candidates did not reach the threshold of popular support, shown through polling, to participate in the debate. According to Real Clear Politics, Gary Johnson is polling at around 8% and Stein around 3%, both below the 15% requirement set by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). Both Johnson and Stein have run previous campaigns during 2012, with miniscule support. One might hypothesize their relative increase in support has something to do with the choices one has for president. Despite these modest gains, these candidates still have very small chances of winning the presidential election. read more


Thomas Midgley

Since UCAS is a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) school, it would only be fitting to talk about a notable scientist, and Thomas Midgley certainly is one. He introduced inventions to the world that helped humankind for a while, but eventually were found to be quite destructive.

He was born on May 18th of 1889 in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. He obtained a PhD in engineering from Cornell University.

He held over 100 patents for inventions throughout his lifetime.

In 1921, he found a way to stop “knocking” in car engines while he was working under Charles F. Kettering by putting TEL into ethyl, which is more commonly known as gasoline. read more



“you’re perfect in every way”

if that is so,

your imperfections



us down.

if i am perfect,

then why are we

drifting apart?

if i have no flaws,

why are you distancing yourself?

i must be

too perfect

to love.