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Mrs. Bramwell,our dearest Junior English teacher, has recently fallen into love with a college student by the name of Paul Turner. After several months of dating her newfound love, her boyfriend finally popped the question.

They met eleven months ago, through a mutual friend in Bountiful. The two got along nicely in the beginning, going on the occasional date from time to time. After several months of chatting, dancing, and getting to know each other, Paul suggested the idea of taking a small, deserved trip to Seattle. read more

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The Fantastical Desk Lady

First of all, let’s admit it: Everybody knows her as the Fantastical Desk Lady, right? Sure, Mrs. Schiffman is an amazing German-sounding surname, but who doesn’t know her as the Desk Lady? Anyways…

Mrs. Schiffman, the Director of Student Services here at UCAS, had a birthday last week! Us here at UCAS love and support our teachers, and by acknow-…could you zoom in on the teleprompter? Thanks! We acknowledge and want to do our very best to help them to help us!

Point being, we truly do appreciate all of the time that the teachers dedicate towards our education, and Journalism has decided to share this appreciation through the occasional supportive article. In this particular case, we would like to acknowledge Mrs. Schiffman’s birthday! read more

UCAS news

How to Stay Awake Without Sleep

Sleep isn’t something that comes easy to everyone. This can come from having a job, or just not getting a solid nine hours of sleep. So dragging through the day in a daze has become a common occurrence for UCAS students. Such as sophomore student Heidi Hall, who has stated she often turns to caffeine when she is tired at school. While there isn’t a fix-all for this particular problem, there are some tricks to make it through the day without passing out or having a breakdown in the middle of class. read more

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Lighten the Load

Crowds of people fill the hallway with each ring of the bell. Each is carrying a backpack, a bag that may be heavier than the recommended weight. Students at UCAS have many classes, and with each class they have a certain amount of required supplies. Notebooks, writing utensils, textbooks, and binder are the usual arsenal. But, is it necessary to have seven binders, a couple folders, and a couple packs of pencils?

Scientists say that students should be carrying backpacks that are roughly 10 to 15 percent of your body weight. “That means a 100-pound child should take no more than 10 pounds of books on their back (, it seems to be a rule students are willing to bend, time and time again. Students walk these hallways with backpacks that keep getting larger and larger.. For example, Arianna Lone, a sophomore, says “it is hurting my back, it’s causing my spine to bend, causing my health to decrease”. The “it” she is talking about would be her 25-pound backpack, which is 22 percent of her body weight. It’s only seven percent more than what the doctors recommend, but it makes a huge difference. read more