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UCAS news

Discounted Lagoon Tickets from UVU!

Lagoon Day 2018

School gets out on May 24, and that means summer break is upon us! But don’t worry – you won’t have to miss your UCASian friends.

UVU Alumni Relations is offering discounted Lagoon tickets for all UVU alumni, staff, faculty, and current students (including UCASians) for Saturday, June 2, 2018.

Tickets include admittance to the Lagoon amusement park in Farmington, UT from 10am to 11pm on June 2, as well as free ice cream, soda, and a raffle entry for a prize drawing at the Juniper Terrace from 2-3pm. read more

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Free Pancakes at IHOP for National Pancake Day

IHOP at 850 W 1250 S, as seen from the parking lot.

February 27th is National Pancake Day at IHOP, and they’re continuing a favorite tradition: free pancakes!

The promotion runs from 7am to 7pm around the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Mexico. Each customer may order a stack of three buttermilk pancakes (normally $3.99), entirely for free. One per customer and dine-in only.

Although they aren’t required to pay, IHOP is encouraging customers to make a donation to one or more of their charity partners: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and Shriners Hospitals for Children. Since 2006, IHOP customers have raised over $30 million on National Pancake Day, and IHOP’s goal for this year is $6 million. read more

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Bodies of Ogden men recovered from airplane wreckage

Denny Mansell and Peter Ellis with the lost Cessna 172M, N4395R

The conclusion to an exhaustive two-week search for a missing Cessna 172M came Saturday, Jan. 13, when scuba divers recovered the bodies of two Ogden residents from under twenty feet of water in the Great Salt Lake.

Private pilot Denny Mansell, 71, and his passenger Peter Ellis, 74, flew out of the Ogden-Hinckley Airport on Dec. 29 in a small red and white Cessna 172, N4395R. They had planned to fly to the Promontory Point area to take photos of trains at the Winter Steam Festival at the Golden Spike National Historic Site. However, when they failed to return as scheduled and no airport reported sighting them, a search and rescue operation was launched. read more

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DACA March

UVU recently had their silent march against the potential removal of DACA. The march, on September 8th, happened right at our very own Fulton Library. Fellow students took the stage, speaking about what DACA truly meant to them. It started at exactly at 2 pm and continued on well through the hour. After the speakers gave their remark, we set off. Students took the streets, heads high, and signs raised. Their voices silent as they strode through the streets. The march kept to the sidewalks around campus instead of entering campus buildings. Several UCAS students joined the march. All of them walking for what they believed in. read more

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Senior Social

August 24th, another school day with the exception of seniors. Most of the seniors didn’t even come to school except for this one night; the Senior Social. A night celebrating our last year here. The event started with a presentation and neon colored packets. These colorful papers were filled with pages of information about graduation, scholarships, and graduation gowns. This packet held a reminder of how close the seniors are to graduating. The Senior Social started a few minutes after 5pm with a presentation from the administration. It was there we had the joy of meeting the new teacher at UCAS, the Career Exploration teacher Mrs. Hay. The presentation held place at the Classroom Building and covered multiple topics such as: grades, honor rolls, participation, and taking classes at UVU. After the brief presentation, we made our way back to UCAS.
The dinner was why we were all there. Students were asked to either bring a salad are a dessert. There was a variety of choices to choose from. Everything from macaroni salad to greek and even assorted cookies were at our mercy. The school provided us with delicious pulled pork sliders, which went back for seconds of. To be entirely truthful, I went on to have 3 plates piled high with food. Mid way through we were invited outside to participate in a contest. It pinned senior against senior. The seniors were put into 6-7 different teams to see who could create the best chalk art with this years school theme; grit. They were all very amazing pieces but sadly, a winner had to be chosen. This night was a sweet start to an even sweeter year. Students were excited to see their old friends and classmates for one more night.
I asked a few students around about the Senior Social.
This is what they had to say: “I would rate my overall experience 7/10. During the presentation, they had past UCAS students and parents come and give us new seniors some advice. I appreciated and found their advice helpful. I really enjoyed the dinner and how much food was there. The chalk drawing was a fun activity to be creative. There were definitely some weird ones, but overall I had a good time” ~Parker Evans, “It was interesting and I would rate it 6/10. I definitely loved the food that we had. It was gigantic and had lots of variety to choose from.” ~anonymous, “I would rate it 6/10. The dessert was my favorite part. It was fabulous, and wholesome. I really “It was 100/10. I really enjoyed my time during the event overall. The dinner portion was bigger than what I thought. I enjoyed the food and the time I spent.” ~Brandon Wheat, and “I would rate it 7¾’s out of 10. The dinner was really thought out. The lines moved smoothly and there was a luscious amount of food.” ~Easton Smith.
From beautiful powerpoint presentation, to eating 3 days worth of food, and creating colorful chalk art, this night was a success. It was filled with many activities and catching up with our fellow seniors. The night was filled with joy and excitement, and here is to many more nights. Let’s end the senior year just like how it started, on a sweet note. read more

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UCAS makes appearance on Studio C

“Wait… Wait… Wait… Wait… 800 South; walk sign is on to cross 800 South.”

Every UCAS student knows the famed (or infamous) crosswalk that gets us safely to and from our UVU classes. However, BYU sketch comedy group Studio C has given this crosswalk an entirely new persona in its newest episode, published at 4pm on Tuesday, October 3.

The episode, titled “A Lonely Crosswalk,” opens with cast member Matthew Meese approaching the 800 S crosswalk from the UVU classroom building. He pushes the crosswalk button, which is voiced by James Perry, waits for the sign to change, and begins to cross. To his surprise, as he takes his first step, the button calls out and urges him to stay and keep it company. As the episode continues, the button is reduced to begging as Matt becomes increasingly frustrated. In the end, Matt ignores the crosswalk and storms into the street, only to be struck by an eastbound car. read more

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The Eclipse

For a few moments, the sky seems to fade several shades darker, and the sun disappears from view. For a few moments, a full solar eclipse will occur for hundred and millions of people across the United States. The astral display is a rare event. The next one that will happen in the United States will be in 2024. So what will UCAS do to celebrate?

For the third period instead of going to class at UCAS, students got to go out in the field in front of the library at UVU and watch the eclipse with the glasses they provided.Many of the students had a hard time choosing their favorite part of the day. Lydia Atkin a sophomore during lunch stated, “My favorite part was that it was a big school activity we all took a break and got to watch it.” Courtney Harada, a sophomore attending UCAS as of this year, said that “just watching it,” was her favorite part of all the activities. read more

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Lighten the Load

Crowds of people fill the hallway with each ring of the bell. Each is carrying a backpack, a bag that may be heavier than the recommended weight. Students at UCAS have many classes, and with each class they have a certain amount of required supplies. Notebooks, writing utensils, textbooks, and binder are the usual arsenal. But, is it necessary to have seven binders, a couple folders, and a couple packs of pencils?

Scientists say that students should be carrying backpacks that are roughly 10 to 15 percent of your body weight. “That means a 100-pound child should take no more than 10 pounds of books on their back (, it seems to be a rule students are willing to bend, time and time again. Students walk these hallways with backpacks that keep getting larger and larger.. For example, Arianna Lone, a sophomore, says “it is hurting my back, it’s causing my spine to bend, causing my health to decrease”. The “it” she is talking about would be her 25-pound backpack, which is 22 percent of her body weight. It’s only seven percent more than what the doctors recommend, but it makes a huge difference. read more