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UCAS makes appearance on Studio C

“Wait… Wait… Wait… Wait… 800 South; walk sign is on to cross 800 South.”

Every UCAS student knows the famed (or infamous) crosswalk that gets us safely to and from our UVU classes. However, BYU sketch comedy group Studio C has given this crosswalk an entirely new persona in its newest episode, published at 4pm on Tuesday, October 3.

The episode, titled “A Lonely Crosswalk,” opens with cast member Matthew Meese approaching the 800 S crosswalk from the UVU classroom building. He pushes the crosswalk button, which is voiced by James Perry, waits for the sign to change, and begins to cross. To his surprise, as he takes his first step, the button calls out and urges him to stay and keep it company. As the episode continues, the button is reduced to begging as Matt becomes increasingly frustrated. In the end, Matt ignores the crosswalk and storms into the street, only to be struck by an eastbound car. read more

Out of This World UCAS news

The Eclipse

For a few moments, the sky seems to fade several shades darker, and the sun disappears from view. For a few moments, a full solar eclipse will occur for hundred and millions of people across the United States. The astral display is a rare event. The next one that will happen in the United States will be in 2024. So what will UCAS do to celebrate?

For the third period instead of going to class at UCAS, students got to go out in the field in front of the library at UVU and watch the eclipse with the glasses they provided.Many of the students had a hard time choosing their favorite part of the day. Lydia Atkin a sophomore during lunch stated, “My favorite part was that it was a big school activity we all took a break and got to watch it.” Courtney Harada, a sophomore attending UCAS as of this year, said that “just watching it,” was her favorite part of all the activities. read more

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Lighten the Load

Crowds of people fill the hallway with each ring of the bell. Each is carrying a backpack, a bag that may be heavier than the recommended weight. Students at UCAS have many classes, and with each class they have a certain amount of required supplies. Notebooks, writing utensils, textbooks, and binder are the usual arsenal. But, is it necessary to have seven binders, a couple folders, and a couple packs of pencils?

Scientists say that students should be carrying backpacks that are roughly 10 to 15 percent of your body weight. “That means a 100-pound child should take no more than 10 pounds of books on their back (, it seems to be a rule students are willing to bend, time and time again. Students walk these hallways with backpacks that keep getting larger and larger.. For example, Arianna Lone, a sophomore, says “it is hurting my back, it’s causing my spine to bend, causing my health to decrease”. The “it” she is talking about would be her 25-pound backpack, which is 22 percent of her body weight. It’s only seven percent more than what the doctors recommend, but it makes a huge difference. read more