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Out of This World

Google X-prize Finalists

In our ever growing quest to privatize the space industry and create a “Utopia” where space flight becomes relatively cheap, thank to competition and the invisible hand of the market, Google decided to step in and try to speed up the process. In 2007, they started the Google Lunar X-prize, also known as GLXP, where there are over 30 million dollars in rewards for the team/teams that can launch a spacecraft that will land on the moon, and then travel another 500 meters under it’s own power, after which it must transmit high quality video and images from the surface. Also, the teams must get no government funding, whatsoever, so it it must be completely privatized. read more

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The last man to walk on the moon

Astronaut Gene Cernan died at age 82 January,16, 2017 of an extended illness. He was a Navy pilot, the second American to walk into space, has walked on the moon twice as an astronaut, he was the last person to have walked on the moon. His last time being on Apollo 17.

NASA announced Cernan’s death on their webpage saying that he died with his family supporting him.

Cernan was born on march 14, 1934 went to Proviso High School and graduated. He then went to Purdue University in 1952 and after graduating in 1956 he obtained an electrical engineering degree. Afterwards, he went into the navy and eventually became a fighter pilot while still continuing his studies. read more

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In a World Far Far Away

In the year 1930, a tiny dwarf planet of about 737.6 mi, which is just a bit smaller the Rhode Island, was discovered. This planet is called Pluto, our favorite dwarf planet since 2006. Pluto currently stands 327 light minutes from the sun, that is about 3654860630.14 miles away. If an astronaut planned to travel to Pluto it would take 9 years, 5 months and 25 days to reach the surface of that tiny dwarf planet. Pluto’s surface is composed of 98% Nitrogen ice. It sure makes it a pretty cool planet, a winter wonderland. On the date March 23rd, 2178, this small planet will complete its first orbit around the sun since discovery. It will take this planet 248 earth years to complete an orbit. Hopefully this little lone planet makes a breathtaking orbit around the sun. One day your great grand children will tell the tale of Pluto’s orbit. In addition, Pluto has 5 beautiful moons that orbit peacefully around the planet: read more