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What Exactly Is Presidents’s’s Day?

On this coming Monday, car dealerships will run cringe-worthy TV ads, post offices will close, department stores will advertise blowout sales, and overworked high school students everywhere will get to sleep in. But why?

Depending on where you look, you’ll get a different answer. Many would say it’s thanks to Presidents Day, while others would refer to President’s Day or Presidents’ Day. A Google search will reveal significant debate; however, the truth is that each spelling holds its own connotative advantages and disadvantages. read more

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DACA March

UVU recently had their silent march against the potential removal of DACA. The march, on September 8th, happened right at our very own Fulton Library. Fellow students took the stage, speaking about what DACA truly meant to them. It started at exactly at 2 pm and continued on well through the hour. After the speakers gave their remark, we set off. Students took the streets, heads high, and signs raised. Their voices silent as they strode through the streets. The march kept to the sidewalks around campus instead of entering campus buildings. Several UCAS students joined the march. All of them walking for what they believed in. read more

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How did North Korea Come into Existence?

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or North Korea, was created in 1948 after the end of World War II in 1945. Just as Japanese occupation ended, Soviet forces rushed into the northern region of Korea and installed Kim Il-sung as the North’s leader. In 1950, the Korean War broke out, it lasted 3 years and caused over 1.2 million deaths. North Korea was allied with China and the Soviet Union, but after the 1980’s, when the Soviet Union collapsed, and China changed their policies, North Korea was left all alone. In 1994, Kim Il-sung died and left North Korea in the hands of his son, Kim Jong-il. Kim Jong-il is known as the most secretive of the Kim family, and to this day not much is known about him. Even so, historians/political leaders do have a knowledge of his death in December of 2011, and passed on North Korea to his third oldest son, Kim Jong-un, who rules the North to this very day. read more