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The Stress of School: Is it only the Beginning?

Over the course of the past five, the number of children that claim to have experienced great levels of stress at the beginning of the school year has just about doubled. Yet, here at UCAS, everybody appeared to enter through the front doors of UCAS with high hopes and contagious optimistic attitudes, leaving several of us scratching our heads. Are the students of UCAS also experiencing the same levels of stress as the students of other schools around the country? If so, will the stress levels increase as the school days go by? Do college courses and early testing days have anything to do with the pressure placed upon our parting porcelain patience? read more

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Which President Are You?

Aquarius: Abraham Lincoln – You are always concerned for other’s welfare and will do everything in your power to help them.

Pisces: Jimmy Carter – You are a humble little peanut farmer that obtains joy by being contributing to the community.

Aries: Bill Clinton – You are good at taking the high road and watching all the people taking the low road fall to their demise.

Taurus: Andrew Johnson – You are as stubborn as a mule and won’t change your views no matter what because you love being right. read more


What Oceanic Creature Are You?

Aquarius – Octopus: You usually just do your own thing and are completely  aloof. It suits your tastes much more than being told what to do. You enjoy going on walks, or swimming, any kind of easy workout really, as long as you’re alone.

Pisces – Starfish: You cling like a little starfish, you detest moving, and meeting new people. Your friends have been with you since childhood, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aries – Orca: You are a free spirit. You rarely think of what is going on with other people, and will do anything you can to help yourself. You’re also a tad hot-headed, you usually react with your emotions in any given setting. read more