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Third Party Candidates and the U.S. Presidential Debates

On September 26, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump participated in the first presidential debate of this year’s election season. It was held at Hofstra University in New York, and was broadcasted across on all major television networks.

Two other candidates did not participate in the debates, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the nominees of the Libertarian and Green parties, respectively. The candidates did not reach the threshold of popular support, shown through polling, to participate in the debate. According to Real Clear Politics, Gary Johnson is polling at around 8% and Stein around 3%, both below the 15% requirement set by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). Both Johnson and Stein have run previous campaigns during 2012, with miniscule support. One might hypothesize their relative increase in support has something to do with the choices one has for president. Despite these modest gains, these candidates still have very small chances of winning the presidential election. read more

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Is Snowden “snowed in” Russia?

Edward Snowden. While the name might not ring a bell for a few readers, his effect in our country involving data and technology is unrivalled. In the early parts of June, 2013, Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA (National Security Agency) spying into our everyday lives. Every text that we sent, every picture that was posted on the internet, they stored in mass storage facilities, one being right here in Bluffdale, UT. And we would not have known any of it if it was not for Edward Snowden. read more

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In a World Far Far Away

In the year 1930, a tiny dwarf planet of about 737.6 mi, which is just a bit smaller the Rhode Island, was discovered. This planet is called Pluto, our favorite dwarf planet since 2006. Pluto currently stands 327 light minutes from the sun, that is about 3654860630.14 miles away. If an astronaut planned to travel to Pluto it would take 9 years, 5 months and 25 days to reach the surface of that tiny dwarf planet. Pluto’s surface is composed of 98% Nitrogen ice. It sure makes it a pretty cool planet, a winter wonderland. On the date March 23rd, 2178, this small planet will complete its first orbit around the sun since discovery. It will take this planet 248 earth years to complete an orbit. Hopefully this little lone planet makes a breathtaking orbit around the sun. One day your great grand children will tell the tale of Pluto’s orbit. In addition, Pluto has 5 beautiful moons that orbit peacefully around the planet: read more

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Solar Impulse Blasts Off

Aerospace enthusiasts Andre Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard were able to take on the challenge of building the world’s first solar plane that runs on its self-created energy alone. They went through two prototypes, Solar Impulse 1 and Solar Impulse 2. Solar Impulse 2 being the largest success. The plane is entirely run on solar energy and can sustain flight for 21 hours and 58 minutes. Solar Impulse went on to achieve feats.

It took almost 9 years of buildup for Solar Impulse Inc. to develop and construct the craft. Apart from having to design high-efficiency photovoltaic panels (a fancy word for solar panels), they also had to create them in such a way that they could be molded into the shape of the custom made wing. As well as getting the power source up to speed, Solar Impulse Inc. also had to work on creating a lightweight alternative to generators/motors, to transfer the electric energy into a mechanical/rotational force to turn the propeller blades. They finally produced 4 custom electric motors that were powered by 4 21 kWh Lithium-ion batteries, and that produced an entire 10 horsepower together. read more

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Internment in the United States

At 7:55, a U.S. Navy Signal tower telephoned the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet, “Enemy air raid, not a drill.” Right then, Japanese Torpedo planes commenced their attack. 21 planes ripped through the headquarters of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, sinking the U.S.S. Utah, among others. U.S. sailors heroically fought against the Japanese planes, getting their guns shooting in less than ten minutes. Despite this, the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor struck a devastating blow to the U.S. Navy. read more

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End of China’s One Child Policy

Li Mei, now forty-five years old, sells balloons on the street corner of China’s capital city, Beijing. Here she migrated from her small, rural town in Hunan — over a 10 hour bus ride. When told China’s one child policy has finally been lifted, a wide smile graces her face. She relates a story about how in her small of Hunan town, she paid hundreds of dollars in fines to have her three children, leaving her future and that of her children burdened with debt. She says, “Everyone wants to have a second child, but the fines are a burden on us. But that’s the policy, and we can’t fight it.” read more