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Creative Writing

Handle with care

don’t take it personally-

my mind is a tempest

at the


don’t take personally-

looking at your face

sends my mind


a frenzy.

is that a good thing?

why is that a bad thing?

you’re too close for comfort.

too far for harmony.

it looks

as if

i’m pushing you away.

it looks

as if

you’re allowing it.

you don’t know how to handle me,

because “with care”

isn’t detailed enough


i won’t take it personally.

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The NFL kickoff

The one sport in the United States that could turn a community against itself, leave states at each other’s throats, and give thousands of people bragging rights over their fellows for a full year, could only be football. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Football League (NFL) are both huge parts of the football community. The NCAA started their football season this August on the 26th while the NFL started on September 8th. It was a huge day for the NFL as the first game of the season was the Denver Broncos, last years Super Bowl champions, and the Carolina Panthers, who took second place in the 2016 Super Bowl, faced off in a game of epic proportions. read more