Blasting to the Steven Universe

Your soon to be favorite show is none other than Steven Universe. This show is an animated action-fantasy cartoon, lasting up to 10-15 minutes per episode. Multiple websites have rated this show highly: TV.com rated Steven Universe 8.7/10 and IMDb rated this show as 8.4/10.

The plot of Steven Universe revolves around a young boy around the age of 12. He lives with creatures called gems from another planet, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Steven is half-gem and half-human being raised by his father after his mother passed to give Steven life. Steven lives with the gems and embark on magical adventures and finds the true power of his gem. The space gems came to earth to stop its destruction and now it takes place thousands of years after the war for earth’s freedom. This show has grown so large that it has gotten its own comic series. Many fans have already picked up a copy and are anxiously awaiting the next episode and comic.

Throughout the series, there are multiple episodes with character development and progressive friendships between characters. The voice acting for each episode is filled with emotions and the animation gets better over time. The show also focuses on targeting certain subjects in a light, but serious manner. Each episode is filled with valuable life lessons to take home and new adventure filled journey. The animation has changed greatly from the first episode to its current one. Millions of viewers have already fallen in love with the characters, heartbreaking plots, and amazing musical numbers. Even you will fall head over heels in love with this magical show.

Rebecca Sugar, the creator of the show, also writes the music for the show that pairs wonderfully with the episodes. She worked on a show called Adventure Time in the past before starting Steven Universe. Her other works include graphic novel “Pug Davis” and animated short Singles.

The panel of voice actors chosen match their characters perfectly. Zach Callison, the voice of Steven, was nominated for several Young Artist Awards for past films. Callison starred in films such as I’m in the Band, Rock Jock, and Sofia the First. Estelle, British Songwriter and voice of Garnet, won numerous awards including Grammy Awards, Best New Artist, and many others. She has also been nominated for many international music awards and Best Female Solo Artist Awards. My favorite gem of them all is, Amethyst, is voiced by Michaela Dietz. She stars in many other films including Louis and Georges, Barney, and a handful of others. She won a few awards at the Best TV Voice Actor People’s Choice. Last but not least, Pearl is voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall. She has also won a few awards at the Best TV Voice Actor People’s Choice.

This favorite show of mine has humor, music, and breaks a lot of stereotypes about gender identities and relationships that are rampant in our society. If you want a show that teaching valuable lessons in a cute and positive way, along with adventures, actions and promoting healthy relationships, then you should definitely give this show a watch. A lot of the episodes are on youtube.com or you can watch them on the Cartoonnetwork.com. Always remember to keep a box of tissues nearby when watching this show.

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