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The two women who have a fighting chance of becoming president

Hillary Clinton proved with this election cycle that any woman can run for president of the United States and become heartbeats away from obtaining the presidency. Even though we didn’t elect the first woman president in this election, there’s no need to worry; there are two women who have a fighting chance of becoming president within the next eight years, should they choose to run.

The first woman who could win the presidency is the Republican South Carolina governor Nikki Haley. She was born to Sikh immigrants in 1972 on January 20th and was the youngest governor in the entire country for a time until this year when Missouri Governor Eric Greitens and New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu both got sworn into office at the age of 42. She is the first Indian-American and the first woman to hold the title of governor in South Carolina. She is also the second Indian-American to become a governor in the US after Louisiana’s former governor Bobby Jindal. read more


5 Major senators up for reelection in 2018

The 2016 elections have ended, Donald Trump is our President-Elect, and the Republican Party has kept its grip on both the house and senate. As major as this election was, the off-year elections matter too. One-third of the senate is up for reelection, and the 2018 senate campaigns are right around the corner. Here are five major senators who are up for reelection in 2018.

First on the list is Virginia’s Democratic senator Tim Kaine: he is best known for being on Sec. Hillary Clinton’s side as her vice presidential running mate in this year’s election. Kaine made history by giving the first speech entirely composed of Spanish on the senate floor. He was expressing his support for the bipartisan “Gang of eight” immigration bill.   read more

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Election 2016: The Other Options

With the high unfavorability ratings of the two main party candidates and increased polarization, many Americans have decided to look towards third party candidates.

Many are going for Libertarian presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson, the former two-term Governor of New Mexico who is running on a fiscally conservative and socially liberal platform. In order to pay for college, he worked as a door-to-door handyman, and eventually created a construction company, giving 1,000 jobs to people in New Mexico. According to NPR, he is “probably the healthiest candidate for president” which isn’t hard to believe since he has climbed the highest peaks of every continent, does rock climbing, triathlons, and exercises at least one hour a day. Gov. Johnson advocates for things including: marijuana legalization, gun rights, a balanced budget, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and enforcing term limits. He is the only third party candidate to be present on all 50 state ballots. read more


Thomas Midgley

Since UCAS is a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) school, it would only be fitting to talk about a notable scientist, and Thomas Midgley certainly is one. He introduced inventions to the world that helped humankind for a while, but eventually were found to be quite destructive.

He was born on May 18th of 1889 in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. He obtained a PhD in engineering from Cornell University.

He held over 100 patents for inventions throughout his lifetime.

In 1921, he found a way to stop “knocking” in car engines while he was working under Charles F. Kettering by putting TEL into ethyl, which is more commonly known as gasoline. read more

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Nuclear Energy, Yay or Nay?

There are many misconceptions about nuclear energy, and it’s understandable considering how the word “nuclear” is in the title, and many get spooked real quick. Even though anti-nuclear energy advocates, like Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein, say “nuclear energy is dirty, dangerous and expensive,” it’s proven to be the opposite. Unlike natural gas and coal, nuclear energy doesn’t give off any air pollution.

According to Jill Stein, “nuclear power would never survive on a free open market.” Really? Each nuclear energy plant creates more jobs than any other energy source individually: the Nuclear Energy Institute found that wind and gas create 50, coal creates 190, hydro creates anywhere from 100-450, solar creates 470, and nuclear energy creates 500. These numbers are approximate, but it shows that nuclear energy employs more people, making it better for the economy. Also, nuclear energy doesn’t give off any air pollution like natural gas or coal. Sorry, but that steam coming out of nuclear plants is just plain ol’ steam. Either way, I’m quite sure that Lindsey Graham lets off more steam than a nuclear energy plant. read more