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High school relationships

For many people highschool is the place where they first learn how to be in relationship. They atleast gain experience on the basic parts of being in a relationship. Some people suck at relationships at first and some have a bit of talent in relationships. Well, to save some people stress here are some big basic dos and don’ts when it comes to relationships in high school.

Do give each other space. Familiarity breeds contempt. You might of heard this and think how does someone mess this up? Well, when you are in the moment you can tend to forget that the other person has other relationships too. Aside from that, you need to give each other space to keep the relationship fresh, if you are together the whole time the relationship can get stale and lead to a break up. Also, you know you like them but, you can get annoyed fast because with the amount of time you spend with the other person their shortcomings start to really standout. Because of that, after awhile, you may not like them that much any more.

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Editorials Out of This World

The last man to walk on the moon


Astronaut Gene Cernan died at age 82 January,16, 2017 of an extended illness. He was a Navy pilot, the second American to walk into space, has walked on the moon twice as an astronaut, he was the last person to have walked on the moon. His last time being on Apollo 17.

NASA announced Cernan’s death on their webpage saying that he died with his family supporting him.

Cernan was born on march 14, 1934 went to Proviso High School and graduated. He then went to Purdue University in 1952 and after graduating in 1956 he obtained an electrical engineering degree. Afterwards, he went into the navy and eventually became a fighter pilot while still continuing his studies.

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Featured Technology

Solar Impulse Blasts Off


Aerospace enthusiasts Andre Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard were able to take on the challenge of building the world’s first solar plane that runs on its self-created energy alone. They went through two prototypes, Solar Impulse 1 and Solar Impulse 2. Solar Impulse 2 being the largest success. The plane is entirely run on solar energy and can sustain flight for 21 hours and 58 minutes. Solar Impulse went on to achieve feats.

It took almost 9 years of buildup for Solar Impulse Inc. to develop and construct the craft. Apart from having to design high-efficiency photovoltaic panels (a fancy word for solar panels), they also had to create them in such a way that they could be molded into the shape of the custom made wing. As well as getting the power source up to speed, Solar Impulse Inc. also had to work on creating a lightweight alternative to generators/motors, to transfer the electric energy into a mechanical/rotational force to turn the propeller blades. They finally produced 4 custom electric motors that were powered by 4 21 kWh Lithium-ion batteries, and that produced an entire 10 horsepower together.

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