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Merchant of Venice


Shakespeare has made many plays that entertain a wide range of audiences, from commoners in the street, to UCAS students, to the Queen of England. UCAS students have been given the opportunity to read two Shakespeare plays in this years English 10 class. This semester we are focusing on the Merchant of Venice. A play which covers the topics of justice, and mercy, by integrating them into a tale of deceit, love, and betrayal.

In place of a test, the UCAS sophomores have been doing projects to demonstrate their knowledge of this play. They were given the options of a movie, storybook, diorama, sportscaster, a song, or just about anything that would prove you studied the book and understood it. Along with the project you also had to do a report about the project you did, and question about how the scenes you presented were important to the rest of the play. read more


Learning Struggles

Dear Kylie,
I’m having trouble learning from a teacher, because our personalities clash, and I don’t understand what they are trying to teach. How do I overcome this?


Dear Anonymous,

This is a common road block most people meet at some point in their life. Especially when they enter into high school, students believe that teachers have to play to their student’s strengths. Now students have to play to the teacher’s strength. The teachers have taught for a long time now, and they know what works best for them, and what gets the highest score on tests. They at least need you to know what you need to know for the test. Anything else is up to you. read more


What Item of Clothing Are You?

Aquarius – Tie-Dye Bandanna: You are a total hippie. You love the Earth and could spend all your life preserving it. If you could have school outside, you would. Even in winter you enjoy frolicking in the snow.

Pisces – Infinity Scarf: You don’t like change. You prefer constants and knowing what is going to happen. You dislike making a lot of decisions, so you usually make one and stick with it.

Aries – Crop Top: It is inadvisable to get in any emotional situation. When you are overcome with emotion you tend to break down. You are also terrible under pressure. read more


Tech Spec; Algorithm that could help Robots learn a language

A common occurrence in the sci-fi genre is robots who have the ability to read, and communicate with humans. For many years now, researchers at the New York, Toronto, and MIT universities have worked in partnership to figure out a way for a computer to be able to recognize not only letters, but to also b able to manipulate these characters in such a way that it seems almost as if a human is speaking. We have seen many ways the programmers have tried to mimic this, an example being the Evie Bot, where the robot just pick out key words, and looks for a response that seems to match those words,but most have ended in failure. For example, if someone asked the robot, “How is the weather today?”, the robot would pick up key words such as how, weather, and today. It would then formulate a response along the lines of  “The weather is good today”. As we can see, the robot is not truly thinking about a response like a human would, and is instead, picking random responses that could work for the question. read more


What UCAS Teacher Are You?

Aquarius – Ms. Priya: Your creativity and imagination have no bounds, if it weren’t for school you’d probably be creating new things all the time. Although be careful for when you space out, you’ll probably end up hurting yourself by walking into a pole.

Pisces – Ms. Paz: You are a devoted individual. When you set your mind to something you do it no matter how time-consuming or difficult something is. However, when something gets in the way, it really brings your morale down. read more


Making Time

Personally my biggest problem is the inability to do the things I want to before I get to bed. I can never seem to make time for homework, games, family times, etc. Is There someway ( and not just “give up facebook” ) that I can make time for all this?
A question from the Friendly Troll

Friendly Troll,

Prioritize. List the items that need to get done first. For example, homework that’s due tomorrow would go before a t.v show, or a small homework assignment due next week. If there’s a project that’s due in two weeks, you can break  it up into sections, (do the layout one day, start putting it together the next, write the report last), and put that in the middle of your priority list. The first item that should be on your list, is homework that’s due the next day, or a big assignment that is due. For example, if you have an essay due tomorrow you just barely found out about it, do that first, then move on to daily homework. If you have to put off some homework until the next morning, go in for that extra hour or wake up a bit earlier so you can do the assignment. read more


The TechSpec: The AirMule VTOL

Helicopters are great. Because of their ability to get in and out of small places, they prove to be an invaluable resource for government agencies, search and rescue, and military operations. But there are 2 major prices that Helicopters have to pay for this luxury. Helicopters are not fast. Some of the most leading edge helicopters have a cruise speed that is comparable to some 1950 experimental aircraft. They second problem is large, very cumbersome, rotor blades that helicopters require. Due to their large size, it makes helicopters impractical in places such as city or jungle landscapes. That’s what Israeli Tactical Robotics Ltd. wanted to find a way around. Their solution was the AirMule VTOL ( Vertical Takeoff or Landing). read more


Demi Lovato, An Inspiration To Americans

Demi Lovato has been an active part of the music and acting industry for a long time. She was on classic Disney shows such as Barney And Friends and Sonny With A Chance. These were the start of her beautiful childhood career, where she showed real promise. Sadly, she halted her acting career to focus on recovering from bulimia and self-harm. She is a strong and admirable person who has accomplished meaningful things. Her life story is one we can learn from.

It can be difficult to bounce back from bad experiences, but doing so makes you such a strong person. Just like Demi Lovato recovering and coming back swinging is the way to go. If it weren’t for all of Demi’s struggles then all of the good things she does wouldn’t be happening. The best way to grow is to overcome difficult situations, and with that comes rewards. Demi is a perfect example of overcoming inner demons and using her experience to do good. Demi has given to countless charities and informed the public about things she believes are important such as anti-bullying campaigns. read more


The Casimir effect

My last article was about the Alcubierre drive,  the theoretical drive that could be the key to getting mankind to the stars. If you remember correctly, I had said that the FTl drive would require a lot of energy, which could be provided by “exotic matter” or a Casimir vacuum. Well, what is this Casimir vacuum, and how does it give us so much free energy?  Well to understand the power of the Casimir effect, we need to dwell into some basic fundamentals of quantum theory. Complicated though it sounds, it is not to difficult to understand. read more


Pros and Cons of Homework

Much of UCAS’ curriculum is homework. It’s a big part of the student’s lives. Some are more willing to do it than others, but one way or another, they get it done. Does homework actually have benefits? Studies have shown that it does improve how much information you retain from class discussions, and it does help some students to do better on tests. It doesn’t help other students however, when it comes to test days. It could be debated that they didn’t really put any effort into their homework, or they tried really hard on their homework but still didn’t understand the concepts. Is it really the students fault? read more