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Plucking strings to fame

The much awaited Lindsey Stirling concert at the UCCU is finally here. Her stylish clothes and fearless violin cords have given me the courage to become a devoted fan. At just 30 years, she has captured the hearts of millions of people. During the past 4 years, she has climbed her way up the Billboard Top 200 with her song Hallelujah.

She has received countless awards, including the Platinum certification for The Billboard Music Award on “Top Dance/Electronic Album,”  in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Gold in Poland and Silver in France. Her electronic style has grabbed the attention of many soon-to-be-fans. Now she stands before us on her worldwide “Brave Enough” tour. On Tuesday October 4th; Lindsey performed her exciting pieces at UVU. Her talent has left people speechless. read more


Blasting to the Steven Universe

Your soon to be favorite show is none other than Steven Universe. This show is an animated action-fantasy cartoon, lasting up to 10-15 minutes per episode. Multiple websites have rated this show highly: rated Steven Universe 8.7/10 and IMDb rated this show as 8.4/10.

The plot of Steven Universe revolves around a young boy around the age of 12. He lives with creatures called gems from another planet, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Steven is half-gem and half-human being raised by his father after his mother passed to give Steven life. Steven lives with the gems and embark on magical adventures and finds the true power of his gem. The space gems came to earth to stop its destruction and now it takes place thousands of years after the war for earth’s freedom. This show has grown so large that it has gotten its own comic series. Many fans have already picked up a copy and are anxiously awaiting the next episode and comic. read more

Featured Technology

Solar Impulse Blasts Off

Aerospace enthusiasts Andre Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard were able to take on the challenge of building the world’s first solar plane that runs on its self-created energy alone. They went through two prototypes, Solar Impulse 1 and Solar Impulse 2. Solar Impulse 2 being the largest success. The plane is entirely run on solar energy and can sustain flight for 21 hours and 58 minutes. Solar Impulse went on to achieve feats.

It took almost 9 years of buildup for Solar Impulse Inc. to develop and construct the craft. Apart from having to design high-efficiency photovoltaic panels (a fancy word for solar panels), they also had to create them in such a way that they could be molded into the shape of the custom made wing. As well as getting the power source up to speed, Solar Impulse Inc. also had to work on creating a lightweight alternative to generators/motors, to transfer the electric energy into a mechanical/rotational force to turn the propeller blades. They finally produced 4 custom electric motors that were powered by 4 21 kWh Lithium-ion batteries, and that produced an entire 10 horsepower together. read more

Featured History

Internment in the United States

At 7:55, a U.S. Navy Signal tower telephoned the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet, “Enemy air raid, not a drill.” Right then, Japanese Torpedo planes commenced their attack. 21 planes ripped through the headquarters of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, sinking the U.S.S. Utah, among others. U.S. sailors heroically fought against the Japanese planes, getting their guns shooting in less than ten minutes. Despite this, the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor struck a devastating blow to the U.S. Navy. read more

UCAS news

Lighten the Load

Crowds of people fill the hallway with each ring of the bell. Each is carrying a backpack, a bag that may be heavier than the recommended weight. Students at UCAS have many classes, and with each class they have a certain amount of required supplies. Notebooks, writing utensils, textbooks, and binder are the usual arsenal. But, is it necessary to have seven binders, a couple folders, and a couple packs of pencils?

Scientists say that students should be carrying backpacks that are roughly 10 to 15 percent of your body weight. “That means a 100-pound child should take no more than 10 pounds of books on their back (, it seems to be a rule students are willing to bend, time and time again. Students walk these hallways with backpacks that keep getting larger and larger.. For example, Arianna Lone, a sophomore, says “it is hurting my back, it’s causing my spine to bend, causing my health to decrease”. The “it” she is talking about would be her 25-pound backpack, which is 22 percent of her body weight. It’s only seven percent more than what the doctors recommend, but it makes a huge difference. read more


The Science of Executive Function

Many students here at UCAS, and any other high school, know that it’s hard to get organized. Well, on February 2, 2016, the National Public Radio released in article about executive function, which is basically how are brain works to organize the things we learn, how we reason, and plan. In this article they explained that high school students have been getting help from tutors who specialize in executive function. The tutors would teach the students how to organize, and ways to remember the different concepts they are learning in school. read more


Tips to Survive a Mass Shooting

While the ‘war on guns’ continues in the U.S., the school shooting rate is through the roof. Although it is improbable that UCAS would ever undergo a shooting, it is never too late to be prepared. Here are some tips I have condensed for you found in this article.

The first thing is to understand where shootings have occurred, the population size, and body count of recent shootings. If you know these then you will begin to understand what shooters are looking for. For example, if  shooters are mainly going to grocery stores, and only shooting a couple people, then you can assume they are simply robbing them rather than going in for the purpose of killing. This can help you decide your actions, and what to do during any time there is a shooting. read more


The Presidential Election

bernie_2I’m sure we all know about what happened at the Iowa Caucasus elections, thanks to Mr.Barksdale’s class. In case you live under a rock, or just so happen to not have Mr.Barksdale, here is a quick summary of what happened. On Monday, February 1st, there was a statewide voting that occurred, for both the Democratic and Republican parties. They were voting to see who would win the nomination for each party. From the Democrats, there were only 2 runners, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton won by an actual razor thin margin of just 4 extra votes. On the republican side, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and a few others were running. Ted Cruz won by a landslide, with over 5,000 votes ahead of the runner up. Donald Trump had an embarrassing defeat coming 2nd to his primary competitor, Ted Cruz. read more


What Color Are You?

Aquarius-Light Blue: You’re wit astounds everyone you speak with. However, your parents could do without your constant sass. You’re probably the only person who could talk back to a teacher without getting into any trouble.

Pisces-Purple: You’re a trouble maker. If it weren’t for your lack of passion you’d probably be wreaking havoc on your hometown. People often scoff at your laziness, but you believe they should be grateful you aren’t planning pranks on them.

Aries-Red: Aries are often seen as angry, blood-thirsty brutes. That is often true, and the reason most people believe this is because you’re so short-tempered. Your calm aura can snap into anger in a matter of seconds. read more


Tech Spec; Self Driving Cars Make Debut in London

The "railed" version that the new Ultra Pods are based on

The “railed” version that the new Ultra Pods are based on

We all know we want one. A self driving car that would be legal on the roads. While we have all heard about Google and Apple’s endeavors in self driving cars, we have never expected one to debut in the streets so soon. This summer “Ultra Pods” will take to the roads of London as a new public transportation system. This system will not require any human intervention to work. It will be fully automated, and the cars will be able to transport people around the city in, quite possibly, the safest manner. read more