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High school relationships

For many people highschool is the place where they first learn how to be in relationship. They atleast gain experience on the basic parts of being in a relationship. Some people suck at relationships at first and some have a bit of talent in relationships. Well, to save some people stress here are some big basic dos and don’ts when it comes to relationships in high school.

Do give each other space. Familiarity breeds contempt. You might of heard this and think how does someone mess this up? Well, when you are in the moment you can tend to forget that the other person has other relationships too. Aside from that, you need to give each other space to keep the relationship fresh, if you are together the whole time the relationship can get stale and lead to a break up. Also, you know you like them but, you can get annoyed fast because with the amount of time you spend with the other person their shortcomings start to really standout. Because of that, after awhile, you may not like them that much any more. read more

Out of This World

Google X-prize Finalists

In our ever growing quest to privatize the space industry and create a “Utopia” where space flight becomes relatively cheap, thank to competition and the invisible hand of the market, Google decided to step in and try to speed up the process. In 2007, they started the Google Lunar X-prize, also known as GLXP, where there are over 30 million dollars in rewards for the team/teams that can launch a spacecraft that will land on the moon, and then travel another 500 meters under it’s own power, after which it must transmit high quality video and images from the surface. Also, the teams must get no government funding, whatsoever, so it it must be completely privatized. read more

Politics and Polls

Presidents: Do they matter?

Of course presidents matter, but do they matter to the extent we give them credit for?

Did bush crash the economy or obama fix it? Did Obama really kill Bin Laden? The answer to these questions are a resounding NO.

Let’s look at the economy first: there is no single person in the entire world that has the power to ruin the economy to the extent it was 2008. Not even the president of the united states. Sure, they have some power over it, but nowhere near enough to outright bring it down like we saw happen. Likewise, Obama did not fix the economy! He merely helped a natural healing process take place. Just like the natural cycle of the seasons, our economy goes through cycles of hot and cold times.  And no matter how hard we try to stop the seasons cycling, winter will come. But this also means that no matter how long we are in an economic winter, summer too will shine once more. Now of course presidents have some power over the matter, but it is very little. Presidents pushing the economy into a recession is like the affect that one car’s pollution has on warming the earth. Does it affect the climate? Yes, but to say it was just that one person’s fault the world is now ten degrees warmer is misguided. The inner workings of our economy are vastly complex, and it is completely unfair to both bush and obama to credit them both with what eventually would have happened regardless of who was in office. read more

Editorials Out of This World

The last man to walk on the moon

Astronaut Gene Cernan died at age 82 January,16, 2017 of an extended illness. He was a Navy pilot, the second American to walk into space, has walked on the moon twice as an astronaut, he was the last person to have walked on the moon. His last time being on Apollo 17.

NASA announced Cernan’s death on their webpage saying that he died with his family supporting him.

Cernan was born on march 14, 1934 went to Proviso High School and graduated. He then went to Purdue University in 1952 and after graduating in 1956 he obtained an electrical engineering degree. Afterwards, he went into the navy and eventually became a fighter pilot while still continuing his studies. read more


Going live

Social media is swarming with like, follows, and hearts, but not everything is pitch perfect. Facebook recently added a live stream feature, allowing people to video whatever they’re doing in real life time. However; not everything needs to be broadcasted to the internet world.

Everyone always wants to start the new year off with a bang. The first week of January really did start with a shock. Two men and two women of African American nationality were arrested for kidnapping an innocent 18 year old caucation male from Chicago suffering from schizophrenia. To make matters worse, they went live on facebook and tortured this young man with hundreds and thousands of people watching. Surprisingly, the video went viral all over the internet. This crime is utterly unthinkable. The 4 people are now being held for charges of hate crime. The four were held without bail as of Friday the 6th. read more


Paying for high school classes

As the new term rolls around, we must pay our annual dues to the hierarchy that is UVU. Thanks to the wonderful symbiotic relationship UCAS has with them, we don’t have to carry the main weight– tuition itself. All we need to do is pay the (relatively) small fee for each one of our credit hours. But how do you know how much to pay?

It’s a simple question, with a pretty simple answer. Go to google (or Bing if you’re a masochist), and search for “My UVU”. Login, and you should see on the left side a “students” tab. Scroll down to “Paying for my education” and click on that. In the middle of the page you should see a link labeled “account summary by term”. Click on it, and look for the term “2017 Spring”. Now here, don’t panic if you see a lot of numbers, particularly ones with many 0’s after them. Just look for the item that is labeled “concurrent enrollment tuition”, and that is the amount you need to pay.   read more


TO eat or not to eat

To eat or not to eat? I was stopped by a group of people supporting PETA, People for the Ethnic Treatment of Animals, during my walk through UVU. Over 10% of millennials have already switched to vegan eating. Stores have already stocked up on multiple vegan alternatives. Even the biggest meat eaters wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. However, is there a benefit in going vegan?

Eating vegan also comes with lots of health benefits. It decreases the risk of certain health diseases: blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and many more. Eating vegan comes with many physical benefits: longer life span, healthier skin, and an increase in energy. Going vegan also helps the environment. About 2,400 gallons of water are required to raise one pound of meat. All that water could be saved to go towards agriculture and given to the people. This will be very helpful to third world countries struggling for resources. read more

UCAS news


Mrs. Bramwell,our dearest Junior English teacher, has recently fallen into love with a college student by the name of Paul Turner. After several months of dating her newfound love, her boyfriend finally popped the question.

They met eleven months ago, through a mutual friend in Bountiful. The two got along nicely in the beginning, going on the occasional date from time to time. After several months of chatting, dancing, and getting to know each other, Paul suggested the idea of taking a small, deserved trip to Seattle. read more

World News

New Jersey and Manhattan Bombings

On September 17th, during a Marine charity run, a pipe bomb exploded inside of a trash can on the sidelines. This was not the only bomb that went off that day as a few blocks down the street, another bomb went off injuring twenty-nine people, sending the majority of them to the hospital. A third bomb was later found and safely defused. The New Jersey State Police or NJSP sent out a tweet with the suspects picture saying, “***WANTED FOR QUESTIONING**** RETWEET!” The next day, a package was found at a train station with multiple bombs inside. The bombs were safely removed without any injuries to any civilians or the police officers removed. The two incidents were later linked to the same bomber. read more


The History of sideburns

Sideburns, the strip of facial hair that connects the hair at the top of your ears to the base of your jaw, is a unique form of facial hair that has a massive amount of history behind it. Also known as sideboards or even side whiskers, this form of facial hair has braved the world of facial hair styles for almost one hundred and forty years and many more to come.

It was the fateful year of 1861 when the United States split into two in what was to become a massive and bloody civil war. A simple Unioner from the state of Rhode Island, Ambrose Burnside, took the position of General inside of the Union Army and would leave his mark on the world in a rather strange matter. When the average man would look to Burnside, their eyes would be greeted by his unique facial hair style. His hair spread from the top of his ears, curving down his head while still hugging the sides of his face. The two sides came together above his mouth to finish this iconic style which was soon named after him as sideburns. read more