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    Review: Person of Interest

    Are you tired of TV? Are you wanting to feel engaged in a story again? If so, I have the show for you. Person of Interest is a Sci-Fi crime fighting action TV series. It first aired in 2011, and ended in 2016 with 5 seasons and 103 episodes. It has 19 nominations, 8 awards, and scored an overall score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. The plot follows John Reese and Harold Finch in their endeavor to prevent deaths before they happen, and with the help of Finch’s Machine. The Machine is an AI(Artificial Intelligence) that is able to predict the future with insane accuracy. The series also follows Joss Charter and Lionel Fusco, who work in the police department and both hurt and help Finch and Reese along the way. read more

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