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    DACA March

    UVU recently had their silent march against the potential removal of DACA. The march, on September 8th, happened right at our very own Fulton Library. Fellow students took the stage, speaking about what DACA truly meant to them. It started at exactly at 2 pm and continued on well through the hour. After the speakers gave their remark, we set off. Students took the streets, heads high, and signs raised. Their voices silent as they strode through the streets. The march kept to the sidewalks around campus instead of entering campus buildings. Several UCAS students joined the march. All of them walking for what they believed in. read more

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    Senior Social

    August 24th, another school day with the exception of seniors. Most of the seniors didn’t even come to school except…

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    UVU Concert: Loveloud

    Here’s What You Missed if you Couldn’t Make it to UVU’s Loveloud Fest

    On August 26th, Utah Valley University…